Sunday, March 11, 2012

SMART Board: Little tricks to make lessons easier.

I am very fortunate to have a SMART Board in the music room. My board was installed a little over a year ago and it has become a completely indispensable tool during my lessons. I am still discovering more ways to create engaging presentations for my students. Lately I’ve been finding different ways, some embarrassingly obvious, to use the SMART Board Notebook software. 

Display Lyrics

I display lyrics when the class is playing a game or dancing with a song that contains several verses. The SMART Board is not the focus during the song and dance but the words are there for students to glance at while we’re engaged in playing or dancing. It takes very little time to write up lyrics and show them on the SMART Board.
A quick glance towards "I'se the B'ye" and students continue singing along!

Show Dance formations

Have you ever noticed how a class of 30 students can lose focus and miss directions when they are already standing in dance formation, a long ways set, for example? This is natural; these dances were created with socialization in mind! Much like a coach might lead a team through “chalk talk” by showing plays on a whiteboard, I can show students the “game plan,” on the SMART Board before we get into position.

Move those circles and triangles to show students where they'll move next.

Create Worksheets from SMART Board Pages

There are three options for printing pages in SMART Notebook: Thumbnails, Handouts, and Full Page.
Choose Full Page to print out full pages of music or worksheets you’ve displayed for the class. My 3rd graders recently began playing recorder and I simply printed their beginning songs as “Recorder Homework.” 

Additionally, you can use the Screen Capture tool, (the silver camera,) to select and take a picture of all or a portion of a page in your lesson. You can then copy and paste these pieces into a word document and create a worksheet or handout.

Those are a few of my, "Well, of course!" SMART Board uses.
Do you have any to add?
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