Sunday, November 25, 2018

MTCT #28: Movement and Dance in the Music Room

Music Teacher Coffee Talk #28: Movement and Dance in the Music Room

Tanya and Carrie discuss creative movement and organized dances in the music room.
You can listen to the podcast here.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and Celesta Demonstration

Henry Cowell's The Banshee

Beat Activities

Billy Joel's Root Beer Rag

Sleigh Ride CORRECTION! I (Tanya) mentioned at first that I adapted my movement for Sleigh Ride from Brent Gault but it actually came from the wonderful Jo Kirk! (

Sleigh Ride performance by the United States Marine Chamber Orchestra on Late Night with Dave Letterman

Movement for March from The Nutcracker

Tanya's Nutcracker Play Along Bundle

Dolly Parton's Jingle Bells

Troika Dance

Simple Square Dance

Ariel view of Sashay the Donut

Jingle Bell Dance from Music a la Abbott


Sanna Longden materials
(Jingle Bell dance can be found in Sanna's 1 1/2)

New England Dance Masters (Peter and May Alice Amidon)

Rhythmically Moving

Step Lively from Marion Rose (NOT Marion Lively, I mis-spoke on the podcast!)

Shenanigans' Dance Music For Children Level 1 

Listen Up! by Brent Gault

Coda (recommendations)
She and Him 

Harry Belafonte and the Muppets Banana Boat Song

Musication Banana Boat Song Play Along

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

MTCT #26: 5 Favorite iPad Apps for the MUsic Room

Carrie talks about her favorite iPad apps and how she uses them in the music room.
You can listen to the podcast here.

Here are links to the apps mentioned:

Blob Chorus Ear Training:


Class Dojo:


Splashtop Personal:

Coda Section
The Horror of Dolores Roach

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Music Teacher Coffee Talk #23: Back to School Procedures

Our latest episode is all about music class procedures and building a positive community within each class. You can listen to MTCT #23 here.

Some of the things we talked about:
       Music Making: Bring the joy of music to them as soon as possible.
o   Start the class with a “no-fail” singing game or chant. This could be a singing or chanting name game. Is there a singing game students have begged to play again and again in class in your past years? Start the year and your class with that gem!
o   Aim to include singing, moving/dancing, and playing instruments, within the first 4 lessons.

    Rapport: Build relationships between you and the class
o   Use students’ names frequently, (this will help you memorize names quicker, too.)
o   Smile and be willing to share a laugh with the students.
o   Talk to kids when they’re not in music class and show that you care about them.
o   Share a few of your “what I did on my summer vacation” pictures with each class. (They need to know about you, too.)
o   Verbalize why you became a music teacher.
o   Give a short performance for each class. You are a musician, too. Share that part of you.

·      Rules: Communicate your behavior management plan and class rules on the first or second day.
o   Keep it simple. More than 4 or 5 rules is too many.
o   Emphasize mutually respect. (Pair and share: “I want my teacher to know:__________”)
o   Give specific examples of following or not following a classroom rule.

·      Procedures to Practice:
  • Coming in to the room
  • Mindful Minutes
  • Reading the learning target
  • Lining up/Leaving the room
  • Asking a question
  • Pair and Share/”Back to Class”
  • Bathroom procedures
  • Time Out procedure
  • Answering the phone
  • Fire Drill
  • Lock-Down
  • Making a Circle
  • Moving in a Circle
  • Passing out materials
  • Getting small percussion instruments
  • Going to drums
  • Going to barred instruments

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Music Teacher Coffee Talk #22: Songs, Games, and Activities for the First Days of School

Hello and happy New (School) Year!
Jim Along Josie

Come Along Everybody - from I’m Growing Up

1st Grade:

2nd Grade:

Dance: 7 Jumps

3rd Grade:

Great Big House in New Orleans from Holy Names Song Collection

4th Grade:

Fjaskern - stick passing game

Concept Focus:  Tempo, Accelerando, AB form

Materials: “Fjaskern” (on Rhythmically Moving CD #2 and Shenanigans Dance Music For Children album), rhythm sticks

                A Section:
                Tap your stick on the beat following this pattern:
                                hand hand hip hip hand hand shoe shoe (repeat 4 times)

                B Section:
                Tap your stick on the beat following this pattern:
                                tap tap pass grab (repeat 8 times)

Rules:  If a student drops a stick during the B section, they are not allowed to pick it up!  Once the music has returned to the A section, anyone without a stick must find one.  If you are without a stick during the B section, just fake it until the A section returns.

                -Just do the A section.  During the B section, tap the beat on the floor.
                -Teach the B section twice as slow.  You’ll repeat the pattern 4 times instead.

5th Grade:


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