Friday, March 2, 2012


Manipulatives: Sol-fa Mittens
These sol-fa mittens are thin foam that were cut with a die cut press. 
Sol-fa names are written on both sides. I use these to practice echoing and decoding melodic patterns.
We start with the class echoing 4 beat pentatonic patterns sung with sol-fa while tapping their mittens.
Students must flip the mitten of the last pitch sung so that the thumb is facing the opposite direction, (creating a right hand mitten.) We progress to students echoing patterns sung on a neutral syllable, (like "loo.") 

I can easily see which students are decoding correctly as each student has a different color set of mittens. I also have a SMART Board page to help model for the class, (and the students love to come up to the board to flip the mittens.)

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