Songs with games

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  1. I love this song for so many reasons, but I put my own spin on this game which my students absolutely love. Plus I can assess several concepts at once.
    -Concepts taught: sol, mi, la; steady beat; timbre; call/response

    1. One kid is the apple picker and sits facing away from the rest of the class as they sing the song.
    2. As the song is sung, the kids pass the apple on the beat until the last word "out".
    3. At the end of the song the kids sing "Who has the apple? Who has the apple?" (SMLSM pattern). The kid holding the apple on the word "out" responds "I have the apple. I have the apple."
    4. The apple picker then gets 3 guesses to identify the student holding the apple. If guessed correctly, that kid can choose a friend to be the new apple picker, and if guessed incorrectly the kid holding the apple gets to choose.