Sunday, May 20, 2018

Music Teacher Coffee Talk #16: Highs and Lows from School Year

Hello Music Teachers and Music Ed Fans!

Music Teacher Coffee Talk #16 is all about our highs and lows from the school year.
You can listen to the podcast here.

Here are our show notes for this episode:

Coda Section (Professional and/or personal recommendations)

Here's that quote I could not remember!

“The woods would be quiet if no bird sang but the one that sang best.” ― Henry Van Dyke

Announcing the MTCT Summer 2018 Book Club!

We will be reading and discussing the book World Music Pedagogy by Amy Beegle and Christopher Roberts this summer. We hope you, dear listeners, can read along with us!

We will discuss Chapters 1-3 in our next episode which will drop on June 10th.

June 1, 2018: MTCT Virtual Happy Hour/FAC Facebook Live event!

Our first (official) Facebook Live will be on June 1st at 5:00pm Mountain Time. 
BYOB (or coffee 😉) and join us as we celebrate the end of the school year, answer questions, and discuss our big goals for the next school year!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Music Teacher Coffee Talk #15: Closure

Hello Music Teachers and Music Education Enthusiasts!

Here are the show notes for Episode #15: Closure
You can listen here.

La Raspa
Los Machettes

Here is Carrie's Fiesta Taco Truck!

Parachute Activities:
Parachute Activities book
Artie Almeida's Parachutes and Ribbons and Scarves book (Not the book Carrie mentioned but a good resource)
Here is a Pinterest board devoted to parachute activities!

IKEA boxes for iPad storage
Popcron (Boomwhacker play along!)
Popcorn (the original! 😬)
Popcorn (The Muppet's version)

Coda Section/Recommendations:

Sylvan Esso's latest single PARAD(w/m)E

Spring Awakening Tony Performance 

Summer 2018 Book Club!
Join us as we read and discuss the book World Music Pedagogy, Volume II: Elementary Music Education by Amy Beegle and Christopher Roberts.