Sunday, August 12, 2018

Music Teacher Coffee Talk #22: Songs, Games, and Activities for the First Days of School

Hello and happy New (School) Year!
Jim Along Josie

Come Along Everybody - from I’m Growing Up

1st Grade:

2nd Grade:

Dance: 7 Jumps

3rd Grade:

Great Big House in New Orleans from Holy Names Song Collection

4th Grade:

Fjaskern - stick passing game

Concept Focus:  Tempo, Accelerando, AB form

Materials: “Fjaskern” (on Rhythmically Moving CD #2 and Shenanigans Dance Music For Children album), rhythm sticks

                A Section:
                Tap your stick on the beat following this pattern:
                                hand hand hip hip hand hand shoe shoe (repeat 4 times)

                B Section:
                Tap your stick on the beat following this pattern:
                                tap tap pass grab (repeat 8 times)

Rules:  If a student drops a stick during the B section, they are not allowed to pick it up!  Once the music has returned to the A section, anyone without a stick must find one.  If you are without a stick during the B section, just fake it until the A section returns.

                -Just do the A section.  During the B section, tap the beat on the floor.
                -Teach the B section twice as slow.  You’ll repeat the pattern 4 times instead.

5th Grade:


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In our next episode we’ll be talking about beginning of the school year classroom management and procedures.

Until next time, this is Tanya and this is Carrie wishing you happy musiking!

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