Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rockin' Resources and HUGE TpT Cyber Sale!

Hello all, 
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have loved spending time with my family, cooking, (even though my children refuse to eat my fantastic green bean casserole,) playing games, and sleeping in. Unfortunately, the sleeping in stops tomorrow. (Insert Charlie Brown sigh.) However, I am super excited about the GINORMOUS Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale starting tomorrow and Tuesday, Dec. 1st and 2nd! 

My friend Amy over at Music a la Abbott is hosting a Linky Party for us music sellers to highlight a few TpT items we are excited about:

Resource from my store:
Melody Singing Snowmen- do Edition!
Oh my, this one has taken quite a while to create! It's a powerpoint game to practice aural identification of do melodies. 

What took so long in creating this set? Several audio clips of my son singing do melodic patterns! He is in 4th grade and was just selected as one of the six students to sing at the Colorado Elementary All State Choir in January! Yes, I am his music teacher but as in years past, I have another music teacher audition, score, and select the singers. (A HUGE thank you to my friend and fabulous music teacher Steve Soich!) We start rehearsing the music after school tomorrow. 

This was super-fun to make and the backgrounds from Educasong are beautiful! I'll be presenting do to my 2nd graders at the end of the week and they'll be playing this in centers the following week.

Resource from another music seller:
Malinda Phillips has some wonderful resources in her store! Here is her Treble Clef Review Game Stockings Hung With Care:

I'm really looking forward to using this one to review letter names with the 5th graders as we gear up to start alto recorders.

Jamie Parker is another music seller makes wonderful resources. I picked up her Shattered Solfa a couple of weeks ago; I just love stick to staff activities and this one is very well done! I'll be using it this week.

Non-music resource:
Well, it is kind of music related, just not from a music seller. This clip art from Whimsy Clips has been on my Wish List for a while now. I'll be picking this Music Night clip art up during the sale. These adorable kids will look great on newsletters and programs!

Now for the important info:

My entire store will be discounted 20% off on December 1st and 2nd. You can get an additional 8% off by entering the code "TPTCYBER." (Thanks to the 3am teacher for the banner!) Thank you, Amy for hosting this Linky Party! Head over to Amy's wonderful blog to connect to other bloggers who joined the party!
Happy shopping!

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  1. Tanya, I love the idea of having a student sing patterns..and even better that it's your own child! I bought the Whimsy Clips set a while much fun!