Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sale!

Happy Spring! Just a quick note to let you that I'm participating in the Easter Sale. My store will be 20% off today and tomorrow (April 20 and 21)!

In the last couple of weeks I've uploaded a few products I'm excited about. 

I have gotten a lot of use out of my Recorder Reminder Signs. I have a "Recorder Corner" in my room where the reminder signs and the fingering charts are posted along with the Recorder Karate Belt List. During their individual practice time students refer to the reminders to help "diagnose" why they may not be producing a good tone. I provide a lot of one on one help with my recorder players but I also strive to teach them how to fix their own problems first. (After all, they can't have a teacher standing over them all the time while they are playing. Learning how to adjust your technique is part of efficient practicing, isn't it?) 

Another plus for having my Recorder Corner is that when students ask how to finger B A G or E I can just point! (Love that!)

Speaking of practicing recorder, I also added a FREEBIE of recorder practice records. I give a sparkly "Practice Belt" for every recorder practice record that students turn in. There is a black and white practice record included in this set of 6.

Finally, I made Power Point two interactive stick to staff Melody Showers to Flowers Game which works great on my SMARTBoard! 

Here's a peak at the do re mi sol la game: When I use this with the whole class, each student has their own staff board and note heads (transparent colored discs,) and they write out which staff pattern they think it is. 

I made sure each "Correct!" page referred back to the pattern so the students can check their answers AND we can all sing it! (More bang for our buck!)

There is also a version with mi sol la. (And at 20% off it's quite the deal!) Both sets include stick to staff matching cards, (I can't resist a memory matching game for centers!) I'm working on more solfa versions of this game. Is anyone out there interested in a specific tone set? Let me know and I'll make those requests a priority!

That's all for now! It's time for another egg hunt with my kids. Happy Easter, if you celebrate the holiday, and Happy Spring!

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