Friday, January 31, 2014

A linky party to share techie tips

Today I'm linking up with Aileen at Mrs. Miracle's Room Music for her Techie Tip link party.

I have a few small things to share that I use frequently on my iPad and iPhone. Maybe you know these tips already. They've come in very handy for me!

1. Adding an accent mark or another diacritical mark to a letter: 
This tip works on all Mac devices.
Hold down the letter you want an accent over.
A menu pops up.
On an iPad or iPhone slide your finger over to select the correct mark.
On a Mac computer select the number that appears faintly above your mark on the menu.
(á is a/hold down/2) 
This makes writing out Zoltán Kodály super fast.

2. Page Up quickly on an iPad or iPhone
Scrolling through a lengthy blog post or Facebook discussion and want to get back to the top of the feed? Tap the time and you're zoomed back up to the top. 

3. Texting or making notes with the microphone
OK, I have a confession. I am super slow when typing on the iPhone. (*Insert "all thumbs" joke here!*) I have several friends who would much rather text than talk. Well, I talk faster than I type so I use this work around when I have a lot to say in a text. 
(And I'm not in public!)
The microphone is to the left of the space bar. It does a remarkable job of translating to written text. This is also handy when I have an idea and I'm unable to spend the time typing it out because I'm doing three things at once. I open the notes app and just dictate. 

I hope some of my tiny tips might be helpful to you.
That's it for now! Thanks to Aileen for the Techie Tip linky party. Great idea!


  1. Here's an extra tip I've been relying on a lot lately.
    Screen Shot:
    Take a screen shot picture (iPad or iPhone) by holding down the home button (the bottom center button on your device, it is round and has a square printed on it,) and pressing the power button on the top right edge.
    I've been taking screen shots of web pages that have lyrics of the songs we're playing in a band I practice with. (I don't get wifi at the rehearsal space.) The lyrics to the songs we're playing are in my photos on my iPad. Super handy!

  2. Hi Tanya! I somehow just noticed that you linked up to this post! your tips! Had no idea about scrolling to the top...will have to try that! :)